Distilleria Casauria
is a certified company

The enrico toro distilleria casauria has been certified since 2003 with the integrated quality and environment management system (iso 9001 iso 14001)

ISO 9001 certification is used both in private and public sectors to boost confidence in products and provided services and selecting of supply chains suppliers.

“An organization with a certified management system supplies with continuity products in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, and aims at customer satisfaction”.

ISO 14001

The goal is to achieve excellent results and enhance the value and importance of accredited certification.

An organization with a certified environment management system keys business management to the environment and demonstrates its commitment towards:

  1. Limiting pollution;
  2. Satisfying legal and other requirements;
  3. Continually improving its management system and environmental performance.

Enrico Toro Distilleria Casauria srl intends to fulfilling this commitment through the following improvement objectives:

  1. Identify the environmental aspects it can control and on which it can have an influence;
  2. Evaluate in advance the environmental impacts of new processes in order to take necessary measures to reduce significant impacts;
  3. Spread an environment-friendly culture;
  4. Increase revenue;
  5. Focus on the design, production and market success of new products;
  6. Improve response times to complaints;
  7. Develop cutting-edge technological and management solutions;
  8. Directly involve its staff in the implementation of the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System;
  9. Communicate the policy, objectives, programs and performance in the field of quality and environment;
  10. Maintain a relationship of utmost understanding with customers in order to assess and interpret their needs;
  11. Constantly train constantly, develop and update all personnel.

ENRICO TORO Distilleria Casauria srl intends directing all its energies towards achieving its objectives and making them known.

It has also defined a series of indicators which will make it possible to monitor how the achievement of its environment quality policy goal is progressing.