Social responsability

The Distilleria Casauria Enrico Toro boasts a bicentennial history in the production of quality spirits.

Founded in 1817 by pharmacist and chemist Beniamino Toro, the company has been rooted for centuries in Tocco Da Casauria, in the Tremonti gorges area. And it is here that it continues to produce unique liqueurs of outstanding quality, combining respect for traditional recipes and knowledge of raw materials, with a virtuous and modern company which does not however wish to lose that small-business character which has always distinguished it.

The Distilleria Casauria Enrico Toro owes its existence to the work and commitment of people, and love and respect for nature. The numerous patents and certifications obtained testify to and ensure the attention and care given to the selection of raw materials of excellence and an expert knowledge of processing methods, in order to ensure the product is able to meet the demands of the market.

Deep-rooted family values ​​and unfaltering dedication are now the cornerstones of company business: the commitment of the Toro family has always been keyed to product excellence, the result of a deep and abiding passion.

The company considers it essential, to be successful and grow, to share and transmit its corporate vision and values.

Consistent with this approach, the Distilleria Casauria Enrico Toro scrupulously pursues the enhancement of its employees, a strategic resource for company development, instilling in them the company’s corporate values ​​and ensuring a healthy environment, free of risks thanks to workers’ safety updates. Special attention is also given to the figure of the supplier, so that the services provided meet requirements and are always up to standard.

We pursue performance improvement to interpret and cater to customer needs and to meet their expectations, both in terms of product quality and social responsibility.

Our products are made from selected and high-quality raw materials, including wild herbs that grow locally. Hence we are able to link our work to a profound respect for nature: identifying environmental aspects and assessing in advance the impact of existing processes.