Since 1817, an all-Abruzzo story

Centerba Toro is the story of a family and of a district in which that family historically has its secular roots.

The Toro family has rooted its bicentennial activities in Tocco da Casauria, creating an unbreakable bond with that green, intimate and welcoming location.
It was 1817 when the chemist and apothecary Beniamino Toro senior created Centerba Toro, a prized liqueur made from the alchemy of wild herbs, selected and picked by experts at the foot of the Abruzzo Maiella Madre and Morrone mountains.

Centerba – whose name derives from “Centum Herbora” or, in dialect “Cianterba” – is produced by slow natural infusion in special containers and in an environment free of humidity and temperature changes, without any addition of sugar or flavourings. The liqueur obtained shows a characteristic green colour with a high alcohol content, and refined aromatic fragrances, among which mint predominates.

A product which is strong and gentle, like all respectable Abruzzo products. Appreciated at first by pilgrims and shepherds, later it became known as a real medicine: Centerba Toro was in fact used for its healing properties in the Kingdom of Naples during the cholera epidemic in 1884, with wagons of Centerba Toro departing daily from Tocco da Casauria to the Neapolitan capital.

Today is a handmade product, the pride of Abruzzo liqueur production tradition, appreciated all over the world. The secret formula has been closely guarded and handed down from father to son for generations: a recipe that evokes the charm of the places where it is made, expressing the atmosphere of this land in the most authentic way.